Running Errands All Day Today – With My Health On Priority One 

Well, it’s been a beautiful day here. I went to the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) check up. Everything went well, except that I am suffering from a minor loss of audio on my left ear. My right ear is ok. Tinnitus is still present but I can manage. 

I have to follow up with an audiologist in order to record my level of hearing. I’m not at a complete loss here because im always thinking positive. 

One thing is for sure, I’m not giving up at all. Medical follow ups is a priority in order for me to get better. Fighting with this hearing is a battle in it’s self. I’m going to keep my goal of going live on Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube. 

Remember that im a positive person. Nothing can hold me back. Blogging is my passion and im going to keep on going. 


2 thoughts on “Running Errands All Day Today – With My Health On Priority One 

  1. I also think that you must continue in the fight. Never surrender. As long as we are aware that we have the desire to move forward, no one can stop us. Good luck in your treatment and get well soon. a hug.

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