Good Morning My Fellow Bloggers and Visitors

Today I will be assisting a medical appointment. More of a follow-up to my hearing. I do feel great. Got up early, getting ready to hit the road. Just a quick recap of what I will be working on today. As everyone knows, there has been rumors about Puerto Rico under a Humanitarian Crisis in the making. As a witness, I will be debunking that rumor. I do not like it when people degrade our communities. I will be posting soon on that particular topic. I will also be updating my Periscope and Facebook Live Schedule. If the schedule does not work at this time, I will be broadcasting on a split second notice. There will be many changes as far as open communication with my fellow residents in Puerto Rico.

I want to start opening up to my local community here, so I will be concentrating my efforts a bit more on Periscope, where the majority of residents here are hanging out. There is so much to get done because I also need to start working on paid reviews. It has not been easy as I need to monetize my blog. Well, today I will be a bit busy and am going to talk to people here and see what other information I can gather for my important topic (Puerto Ricans Are Hungry – True or False).

Do not forget to click like on my fan page and follow me on all my social networks which are located here on my blog. Once again, I will be back shortly for another round of interesting post from my Thoughts and Views.


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