Puerto Rico Is Not Going Hungry – False Reports Ruin Our Future For Success

Despite many false reports, our island is not facing a Humanitarian Crisis. There are Communities with food banks but are not there to face a huge demand for hunger. Hunger in Puerto Rico does not exist. Every local Supermarket is filled with residents buying. The following places are always filled with people. 

  • Casinos
  • SuperMarkets
  • Malls 
  • Restaurants 
  • Beauty Salons 
  • Cruise Lines 
  • Parks
  • Banks 
  • Food Stamp Office
  • Housing Section 8

Puerto Rico is not an island full of despair. Of course, we are experiencing an economical situation but not a Humanitarian Crisis. 

We are experiencing a bad view from the outside world because of false reports about our island. This island has seen businesses grow. People are obviously misinformed about our Communities issues. 


2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Is Not Going Hungry – False Reports Ruin Our Future For Success

  1. In truth, there is probably as much hunger here in Waller County, Texas as in Puerto Rico.

    Just out of curiosity I did a search for “jobs” on the island and got a hit for “Philosophy Specialist.” I pictured sitting around a town square, surrounded by young students, sipping chironja juice and sharing the wisdom of the ages. It turns out that Rene Descartes need not apply.


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