It’s Time To Focus On Local News – Puerto Rico Needs A Real Voice 

This blog has various categories. One of the main category of my blog is local news (Puerto Rico). I’ve decided to focus my attention on my Communities needs. I’ve been reading many post on what is going on where I live. The problem here is the actual activity bieng reported. In my honest opinion these reports are false. 

Why am I saying this? Because I live here. I am witnessing the true side of social media. 

I do believe that our communities are facing a split when it comes to our local news. This has to be more of a Political move. This creates a huge difference in how we receive information. 

Honestly speaking, our communities have been served with lies after lies. I Know for a fact that people who are spending time posting false reports, have only one thing in their minds and that is to cause harm, spread more hatred, divide our Communities. 

We have a responsibility as Community members, bloggers to post the truth! Sharing information should not be about dividing our Communities. It is about joining together for a common cause. 

Puerto Rico needs a real voice! 


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