Technology Is Killing Our Future

Technology is great because we have easy access to social media. Cellphones make it easy to communicate with one click. But we are seeing a total divide among our communities. Everyone is connected and never pay attention to what is happening around them.

We are constantly changing our future with advanced technology. Many people do not have this access at all, making it hard for them to stay up to date with advancement. Robots are taking over the world. This will change the course of humanity as we see it. I’m not sure what time and when but this change is becoming real.

Businesses are automating everything, causing people to lose their jobs. This world needs to change back when technology was only a vision.


2 thoughts on “Technology Is Killing Our Future

  1. The toothpaste is out of the tube. Short of another “sinking of Atlantis” what we are seeing is the future. There is a popular belief among millennials that their future will hold some sort of guaranteed wage paid simply for being alive, although I have heard no discussion of where the funds will come from. The obvious (and perhaps only) answer to that is if manufacturers were taxed at the pay rate of those workers displaced by automation and the money passed on to the unemployed. This, of course, would largely negate the benefits of automation and with so many idled in the process whether we would have paradise or perdition is problematic.

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