Can The USA Do Business With Puerto Rico?

This has been a concern because here in Puerto Rico our communities are lacking businesses in order to cover the over crowded population. Even though that people have vacated the island. We still have people here seeking opportunities. Our island can recover from the current crisis. Only if we can open the doors with the USA. There are many options to choose from when doing business. At this time I myself have decided to concentrate on blogging and live video streaming. Everything cost money, even if it says FREE.

I would like to do business with the USA. As a blogger it would be awesome to connect with people outside of Puerto Rico. I want to be honest here. I need a huge income in order to get out of our financial stress. Why are we seeing such a lack of business partnership? We cannot go by our daily lives hoping to change, we need to take action, move things along. I would like to set up a studio for live streaming and also provide a service for live streaming. I always keep my options open.

This is not easy but everything is done with a positive attitude and a passion to keep working hard at something that I enjoy doing. Let’s do business! Money does provide everything in our lives. We cannot go by living day by day, wondering how to buy our next bread.


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