Everyone Lives In A Reversed World 

Everything is done backwards in our society. It seems that people are not concerned about the consequences of their decisions. This in turn brings us more problems. Why would jobs be taken away? If our current Economical situation needs to produce in order to gain. There​ will be more of a negative down fall when you get rid of jobs. 

Now on top of that all merchandise, gas, tolls, public transportation goes up, rents go up. This creates a huge problem in our communities. It does seem that the total opposite is being tought in our society. 

The world is the way it is because of the lack of attention to details. Nobody seems to be solving anything in our communities. People need to reorganize their own life in order to be able to successfully win any situation at hand. Let us work harder with ourselves.

Let’s review and organize our life and not do anything backwards. 


2 thoughts on “Everyone Lives In A Reversed World 

  1. It pretty much comes down to greed. Contrary to what Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas in the 1987 film Wall Street) said, greed is not good. A Mother Teresa stands out as much for rarity as altruism. I’m sure that you have seen the video of the Down’s Syndrome kids in a race. One stumbles, they all go back to help him to his feet then form a line and cross the finish line together. Capture that spirit and all our communities would flourish.

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