It’s Time To Go Live 

This is the week where I will be going live on my Facebook Fan page and Periscope. Feel free to follow me on Periscope @imcs4you

Social Media has been changing alot. I have been seeing the successful feeds of many people. Transparency is essential for success. Especially when blogging. 

I’m going to start bieng more transparent and turn my blog around. This weekend I have been working on the live feed schedule. 

Should I go live daily or once every other day? 

I enjoy blogging but it is time to expand my horizons and try something new. Adding live feeds to my blogging will change the course of my journey. 

My Periscope will be used for updates and some basic information that is of concern to my blog and to talk to everyone on a personal level. 

Remember that we need transparency in order to succeed in life. 


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