What Condition Do You Suffer From? 

We all experience some mental health condition. It is one of our bodies most ignored illness. It has been awhile since I wrote about this topic. It has come once again a topic with a 100% focus. Our society is currently suffering from some kind of mental Illness. 

What mental health condition do you have? Some people have a serious problem but never seek help. On the other hand there are people who do have the knowledge of their condition and are currently assisting medical appointments. 

One of our main concerns is finding a cure. No medicine or visits to a mental health clinic will not cure 100% but can Control for a limited time. It is important that we take full responsibility of our access to social networks because this connects the world. Once we connect our networks, we can help each other with Solving these Issues. 

In my last post I talked about open communication as a blogger but this open communication is needed by everyone in our communities. 

Remember that any category of mental health condition leads to depression. Now, depression can lead to suicide. Can we prevent someone from trying to commit violence or suicide? Of course and that is with open communication. 

Responsibility as humans, living together in one planet can solve anything with full open communication. Let’s help each other out. A simple question can lead us to open doors. 


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