Content Is Important – Communication Is A Must When Blogging

Blogging is a form of communication so when I read articles about blogging, all I find is topics about content. We as bloggers need to come up with content. That is a plus when we are blogging but content is information. When we write about certain topics, we tend to look for a feedback in form of comments. The traffic that comes to a blog all depends on open communication with your followers and visitors. When we respond to a comment, we are opening up a door to the real world.

Blogging must be taken seriously because there are real people behind the keyboards with feelings and a life to take care of. Many bloggers have children. It’s a busy world indeed. Focusing on content in order to help someone is essential as well. I try to focus on topics that are of interest to me and hoping that my visitors enjoy what I write.

We are all unique in many ways. One thing that I have learned as a blogger is to spend time reading other blogs. Sometimes I comment but I enjoy giving my fellow bloggers a Like on their post if it brings in my attention. I know for a fact that many bloggers like to copy other and that is plagiarism. Meaning stealing someones work without permission.

We have too much trending topics to cover as well but it becomes boring because it is repeated constantly. Trending topics are considered when forming a goal for traffic to your blog. That is great but we need to be original as bloggers because within our communities are untold stories. These stories do not land in the news or social media. So when talking about trending topics, I as a blogger will focus on that but on limitation. I like to think outside the box. Some of my post are original with information that you do not see everyday.

Remember that a blog is like an open diary. We are opened to the rest of the world. So sharing content off topic is essential for success. I am one who enjoys reading someones blog about their daily lives or how that managed to do something. Blogs with content that show what is going in their Schools, Hospitals, Commercial buildings and neighborhood, not in the news or social media are the ones that bring my attention. These blogs are more personal and on point with what goes on in reality. This is why is it important as a blogger to be yourself without worrying about negative feedback. BTW I enjoy some negative feedback as that will encourage me to reorganise my content.

Open Communication Is A Must When Blogging, no matter what you write about!!


2 thoughts on “Content Is Important – Communication Is A Must When Blogging

  1. Amen to that! I agree with you, blogging is really like an open diary. I’m drawn to human interest stories as well. Politics etc. I get those from the news. And yes communication is where it’s at.

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