Do Bloggers Benefit From Going Live On Facebook or Periscope? 

I was wondering and exploring this area of marketing. It seems that videos are here to stay but is it 100% beneficial for bloggers? 

I’ve seen other people going live but not sure how this affects traffic, Visitors to your blog. I’m a blogger who has real interest in this new area of live feeds. One thing for sure, I’m not used to being in front of the camera. Building that confidence with myself is not easy but need to get it going. 

The thought of talking about different topics in front of the camera seems crazy, people will think im nuts. 

This will be a new adventure for me. Any Bloggers currently going live? I can use some advice over this matter. I do want to start as soon as possible. 

Programming a weekly or daily event seems optional for me. Let’s see what happens during this weekend. I’m thinking of how and when to start my live feed. 

Wish Me Luck!!


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