Can Our Communities Get Together Without Politicians Getting Involved? 

We have been manipulated to the point where all of our problems are automatically thrown at our local Politicians. This in turn causes a total embarrassment to our own ego. Politicians have ignored the voices of our people to the point where everyone has taken into violence and hatred. 

This brings us to the question that should be answered by our Communities. 

Can our Communities get together without having Politicians involved? This is the hardest part of the unfair practice within our communities.

If we get together as neighbors, we can solve all these problems facing our family, friends. Is it that hard to determine how much we can extend our hand? I have seen people argue over who will pick up the garbage on a side walk. Solution, volunteer to pick it up. 

Everyone can solve any problem if we all got together without involving these Politicians. Let’s give it a try! 

Neighbors organized can make a difference in our communities efforts for change. Without any Politicians!!