Government Contracts Never Benefit Our Communities – Puerto Rico Under Legal Robbery

It has been a fact for so many years that our Government officials are spending money on themselves. These politicians pay their friends and Associates who bring in Millions of dollars for their benefit. In the meantime they decide to take out our pockets, destroying our Education System, Security and Health Care. We cannot keep living like this anymore. Contracts within our Government are supposed to benefit our communities.

Waking up is essential and beneficial for all of us. We need to ignore these politicians before it’s too late. They are destroying us all. These people only care about their ego and not about our feelings. We vote for them, we fight for them and yet, we end up loosing in front of them. Our people are asleep indeed. The news media has proof of all the payments going out to all these people. While these politicians get paid millions, they tell the press that the Government is broke! It is time for real answers here. The people cannot go on without answers.

Our local businesses need to STOP pushing for Government contracts because you will end up broke.These contracts only pay big lumps of money to friends and associates of our local Government.


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