Local Businesses Refuse To Boost Minimum Wages

This is a constant frustration among the hard working class here. People are angry because they cannot improve their current Economical situation at home. This is all due to the bad management of finances on both the Government side, local Businesses. 

The high cost of living here is unbelievable. Employers need to start taking full responsibility of their labor force. People work for a reason, to make money and maintain their families. 

It is time to start forcing companies here for a release of funds to pay their employees what they deserve. Puerto Rico cannot keep abusing it’s own people. Enough is enough with the abuse. 


2 thoughts on “Local Businesses Refuse To Boost Minimum Wages

  1. .What an unfortunate situation you are going through. When you do not have a program to get out of the crisis, it is very difficult to solve the problem. Hopefully you can reach an agreement and get out of the quagmire

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