MelĂ©ndez Medical Plaza – Patients Standing Without Any Available Seats 

Patients waiting since 4am, 6am until opening time. 

Here is the medical office schedule. Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. Patients arrive at 4am to make sure that they are first on the list. Mind you this office does not accept any list. 

This medical building can provide benches or a waiting area for patients as the majority are elderly with impairment. 

As I stood there until opening, the office was full already. This office is on the 9th floor. MelĂ©ndez Medical Plaza is a well known medical building in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. 

Something has to be done in order to provide the patients with proper seating. One patient who you see with a walker has diebetes and suffers from back pain. He waited one hour until the office was opened. Everyone decided to cut him off. There were more patients after the above photo was taken. 

Sad situation facing our local community in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Hospitals and medical buildings need a real change.