No Medical Attention In Puerto Rico Is Killing People Slowly

We are living in sad times. I was operated about a year ago and spent 14 days in the hospital. Going into the hospital I was 100% fine with my hearing. Once I woke up, it was a life changing wake up call because I woke up deaf. This all occurred during the time I was waiting to get operated. Until this day it has been a constant battle finding an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) who can exam my system. The only referrals here are for audio only testing and that does not help at all. I am hearing more on my right ear due to constant cleaning with Peroxide Water. This is the only remedy available when the Medicaid does not cover at all. We are dying a slow death in Puerto Rico.

This situation has brought so much sadness into my daily life. Yet, these doctors are so lazy, that they cannot perform a more detailed exam. Nothing gets solved with our Health, unless we end up six feet under. It is time for our Government to step up to the plate and fix this situation at hand. Our people need medical attention and our politicians are sleeping with our money.

It is time for our commity to step up to the plate in order to bring our specialist back because our health cannot be played with.


2 thoughts on “No Medical Attention In Puerto Rico Is Killing People Slowly

  1. it is good to see someone blogging about reality on the ground in PR – i hope you keep it up. however, in this post, you mention the lack of staffing and the laziness of doctors…and i found this to be an odd combination as one would think that the doctors would do their best to cover the lack of services as best they could. its is hard to imagine a lazy (PR or otherwise) doctor or team of doctors with a waiting room full of hurting people.


    • I agree and thank you. I have seen first hand how waiting rooms are filled early, 4am here for the offices to open at 8am. Services are slow. I am hoping that things would change here. They do their best during these times of crisis but it seems that more can be done.


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