We Resolve Things By Thinking Before Commiting To The Last Option

People have decided to stop thinking before they do things. Our daily lives are ruined by people making bad decisions because they do not bother to think. We have a full 24 hours in a day and we spend it complaining without really solving anything. Now STOP for a moment here! Can you think right now about how to solve a simple problem? I will guess not, it will take you a few days or even months to get to the bottom line of that issue because your first thought will be who is at fault (Pointing Fingers Already).

We Resolve By Thinking –

Every situation that comes into our daily lives needs close attention to details. Our situations gets all mixed up because we do not challenge ourselves to battle our own FAULTS. I see it time and time again. It’s like a broken record that skips and repeats while scratched. That is called Jumping the line!

Not only do we need to pay attention to details, we need to learn how to focus on the real problem that is causing this huge situation. This method of thinking helps with all types of problems in life. If you cannot solve a problem, then you need to put it on the side line for further review at another time. Another issue is the involvement of people who makes the decisions for you right away, meaning they give you the answer to the problem without proper analysis of the current outcome. This will cause huge problems in the long run because everyone will disagree on the solution before seeing the outcome.

The outcome can be very dangerous indeed. This is why we need to take time to think before any solutions can be brought up on the table. Making the correct choices will solve your problems 100% of the time. It has worked for me, so why should it not work for you?

Give it a try, next time that you see yourself in a tight situation. Write about your situation and start thinking before you make that last decision to solve that problem. Always ask yourself, What would be the outcome if I decided to do it this way?


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