Reality Check Please

So how many people are willing to stay in reality?

We cannot keep living in such a world full of hatred and division. I am tired of seeing the same old news about people protesting. There is something called responsibility towards your family, home and neighborhood. If for once people would take time to read, these executive orders are temporary. Meaning it will last a few months. STOP with the whining, get used to the changes in place. Like I have said before, this is not a form to start a war, it’s a new beginning for everyone across the globe.

I am sure that if people in Puerto Rico got banned for 90 days, we will just take out the barbecue and head to the beach without protesting. Here is Party Time!

Let us all join in unity for once and start a fresh new future with better Education, better Health Care, More Jobs or trades. We need to be together for the sake of our children’s future. Your Country needs to be fixed in order for less immigration from your home Country. Once again, we are acting in the wrong way. GO HOME and be with your family, they are more important than these crazy Politics in place.


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