Travel Bans Are A Safety Measure – Not A Cause For War But For Peace Among The World

People around the world need to understand the reason why these bans are in effect. This has nothing to do with race, religion or Politics. It has to do with people who come into the Country to commit violence against humanity. 

There is nothing wrong with helping refugees but there are bad people among the good citizens of those Countries bieng banned. 

Basically if your Country has fallen on the banned list. Your people need to start working hard on fixing the current situation facing your Country and it’s laws. 

Traveling to the USA requires a due process and legal documents. People need to learn how to accept responsibility for their actions. This is not a war, this is just a way to bring back security for our Country. 

The world needs to get together and bring back security to all the people. We need to bring back jobs, education, health to all of our fellow Countries. 

Friendship is key to Peace on earth. So let’s all get together and work hard to destroy and stop violence already. Let us show love to one another. 

Put down your weapons, pick up a pen. Hug and spread the love across the earth. Hatred is what brings people apart. Let’s unite as one in order to stop all the violence and hatred.