Puerto Rico – A Country Full Of Agendas

With the Economical situation facing our Country, employment has become a real challenge. It is understandable that salaries need to reflect the daily spending habits. But in Puerto Rico, these habits are the ones that are creating issues at hand.

Many employees spend half of their work hours on Facebook, etc. In the meantime, leaving clients waiting long hours to be attended. Yet, these people want more money, more vacation time, more sick leave, more Christmas Bonus, huge retirement. 

Companies are experiencing a huge financial strain because of all the demands. In Puerto Rico, owing a business takes lots of hard work. It also requires lots of money to balance the books. 

Our communities are seeing a change in Commercial Property vacancy due to the high cost of rents, electricity, water. Operating a business takes a toll on your personal Economical situation as well.

I’ve seen people living with more than what they earn. People overspend their money in things that will put a dent in their financial situation. 

Here in Puerto Rico, people want to live the millionaires life without having millions of dollars. Casinos are always packed, where people spend over $100.00 in a single day. They buy stuff that they don’t need, spending more time drinking and partying all the time.

Friday’s are cut short because they are in a hurry to hit the beach. What is sad here is the view of vacancies in Commercial Property. 

Can your business fix the ongoing demand from the community? 

It seems that people want to live the millionaires life without working hard. Our new labor laws break the communities mentality of living the high life without having to work hard. 

Companies are not obligated to maintain an employee with a millionaire life style without putting the hours needed. If they want a life style without working, than they do not have a right to complain.

Money needs to be earned, not given for FREE! 


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