The End Of Plastic Bags In Puerto Rico


Today is the last day we are going to use plastic bags in all Supermarkets in Puerto Rico. Many people have been complaining about how they are going to carry their groceries. We need to recycle of course but at what expense? Plastic is already part of our daily living, we use plastic soda bottles, plastic water bottles, plastic covers for linen(Pillows), etc. We do know that here in Puerto Rico everyone is actually complaining because they use the bags to throw away garbage, while throwing away the plastic bags. As you can see in the photo that I took while shopping, the meat also uses plastic in order to be covered. Why are we stopping the use of plastic bags if we use plastic in other products as well? We also have plastic garbage bags. So the truth behind recycling does not make any sense at all here. Puerto Rico needs to come up with better ideas for recycling plastic because there is a contradiction to the use of “PLASTIC BAGS”.

My advice is simple:

Shop with fewer items a day, buy as you need. If you have a vehicle, divide your shopping days with neighbors, family and friends. Help each other with transporting your groceries. We live in a world full of changes, meaning we need to start adjusting to these changes without fighting or stressing out. I know it hurts having these changes in place. Puerto Rico is Paradise and we can over come anything here. Let us start a new year fresh with better solutions to our communities changes.


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