We Seek Answers – Puerto Rico Funds Are Lost On Purpose

Of course there are more problems than real solutions. The people are being told something that is not true. We seek answers – Puerto Rico Funds Are Lost On Purpose!

I believe that funds are being hidden in order to claim bankruptcy. Puerto Rico has seen it’s share of abuse. Nobody seems to notice how big Politicians, Executives get paid millions but the Government claims Puerto Rico is Broke! 

Where do they find this amount of cash to pay these Politicians and Executives?  In the meantime our Communities are falling apart, people are actually believing all this Political NONSENSE. 

It is time for Puerto Rico to wake up and realize that they are being taken like fools. This Country sleeps too much indeed. 

Where are the funds that are collected by our Government from local Businesses? Tax money is lost on purpose! 

Puerto Rico is not Broke! Citizens pay their share of imposed taxes. Answers are needed to find those paid taxes. 


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