FREE In Puerto Rico Destroys The Economy and Our Daily Living

Facebook has been filled with people giving away items and asking for free stuff. This FREE is what is causing a dramatic hit in our economy. It has become very difficult to place items for sale these days. It is not right when there are people in need of a financial boost and these people who are destroying these sales are out like bandits in the night. In my sales group we do not give items aways or ask for FREE stuff. We need to get out of our financial crisis and that is why we are selling items. This practice needs to be stopped already in order for those selling can actually make a sale.

Our daily living has become harder due to the FREE mentality. We have bills to pay, rents to pay on a monthly basis, we need food on the table. Puerto Rico has become a land of the FREE! 

Everyone here wants services and items all for FREE in this island that is in need of a financial boost. In other words, my people want things without working hard for it period. This will keep Puerto Rico under a severe financial crisis if the Puerto Ricans do not stop with the FREE and start paying what is due for Goods and Services.


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