Some People Cannot Accept Change

These taxi drivers are becoming very annoying. They are causing traffic back up, throwing violent tantrums, pushing tourist out of Ubers vehicles. As I sit here reading the news about this situation, it really bothers me because these people are not creating a solution in Order to keep up with the current status of our local community needs. 

They rather cause more problems. Why is my Country acting up like children? My understanding is that Uber provides a ride connected to technology, they use an application to pick up clients within minutes of requesting the ride with reasonable fares.

In the meantime, these taxis are providing services without current technology, there fares are very expensive, they have always been late to pick up and drop off clients. 

We live in a world where the community chooses between services. This message will never be clear to these taxi drivers. Uber has opened up the opportunity for people to have a job. The way the economy is right now, Uber needs more support from the community and all the tourism industry. 

Puerto Rico needs a change in order to maximize profit and change our personal Economical situations. 


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