Do You Suffer From Chronic Sinusitis?

This is the worst upper respiratory condition because it blocks your nose, breathing is not that simple either. Life just gets worst when the condition acts up. I’ve tried everything in the book to get this cleared and nothing helps. On top of that it feels like this is affecting my hearing, even though I can hear from one ear. Dizziness has also been a factor but is under control. Any solutions would help but honestly I need something that will clear me quickly. This has been a constant battle since childhood. I follow a strict diet, even though I might need to adjust. December is the only month that my Sinusitis acts up. This Christmas needs to be Sinusitis FREE. I need to enjoy my Holidays and get back to blogging.

This condition cannot stop me from living, enjoying my life. I just need to find a solution that will knock off, destroy this condition for good. Who is willing to help me knock this out of my system?