My Neighbors Are Real Friends

Sometimes we need to disconnect from the internet in order to save our friendships. The internet does bring the world close but it does not provide us with that one on one contact which has been proven to minimize our depression, etc. Times are hard and we all need to have those friends in person, not via Mega Pixels. One thing that I have learned as a Blogger is to listen to what other people have to say, not just reading what they want you to hear. Reading and listening have very different rules, meaning.

My neighbors and I spend time together playing Bingo. That brings us all together in a small group. We laugh, we play, we communicate and help each other in good, bad times. We also share snacks. It is a time when we really need to put an effort to show that we are all humans with feelings. Maybe one day the internet will be of the past so that we all can really communicate and be real friends. We can share love, peace and respect when we have that bond before internet existed.

My Neighbors are real friends!!!