Social Media – A World Full Of Mixed Information

Everyone is connected via one of the greatest inventions. But it has also caused confusion, conflicts and so much hate. The world has gotten used to Social Media but in the bad way. It’s awesome to be able to look up important information via the Internet. Social Media can be used the right way by communicating with others. Sharing information that can solve a problem not cause it. I see the internet filled with people trying to destroy others by insulting them, writing so much hatred, spreading rumors about others. Basically bieng bullies via internet.

Why are we facing so many battles? Because of all the rumors that are not verified nor are ignored. Intelligence has been lost along with common sense. I see people arguing over things that are so simple to solve but everyone is divided into three pieces of unsolved mysteries.

We cannot complain about people that do not live with us but we can help by advising one another without the hatred. We need to learn how to use Social Media in the right way without causing wars between us all.

Lets start a new beginning by contributing more positive post by helping each other more. Every single person, no matter what Nationality has come to our Communities. We are all equal. Let’s spread good deeds, positive thoughts around the world. Stop using Social Media for the wrong cause, stop pointing fingers, STOP spreading false information.

Let us unite and use Social Media to bring Peace, Love and Respect for one another. Make this message go viral because we need to get along ALREADY!



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