7 Day Challenge – Video Challenge

Well it is that time for a new start. I know I’ve been holding back on working on videos for YouTube. This time im ready to take the next step. The channel is ready but I’ve been very busy. So im going to start the video Challenge early so that I can get on the right track with my goals.

I will be posting the link soon to my channel. The 7 day challenge will be focused on my improvement in videography. One of the challenges is the lack of equipment. I’m using my cellphone to record. Here is a list of what will be expected in my 7 Day Video Challenge.

Day 1 – Introduction to my channel

Day 2 – Confidence Building

Day 3 – Building Relationships with Others

Day 4 – Learning the art of discipline

Day 5 – Time Management

Day 6 – Self Respect

Day 7 – Lets Bond and bring Peace

This list is very important for me because I believe that we have the power of intelligence to balance our daily lives. With all the craziness going on right now we need that Mental stability in order to progress in everything we fight for everyday.

The 7 Day Video Challenge will be starting soon. I will keep everyone updated on this.