Politics Ruins People

It is a true fact that Politics ruins people, their relationships as well. I am done with all these crazy people hitting the streets protesting over our new elected President. The votes already cleared the man to win. Instead of yelling, fighting, burning the Flag, destroying property, which in fact is breaking every law in the book, everyone should sit down and just talk in a peaceful manner. Hatred has divided this Country but everyone seems to forget something. Our military is mixed with so many other Countries, when you are ill at the hospital or in the operating room, you have no clue who is opening your skin. All this nonsense needs to STOP ALREADY!! Im tired of people not getting along. We live in the same planet, we breath the same air, we travel in the same airlines, we live together. JUST STOP ALREADY!!

Just my thoughts and opinion!!! We must unite as one and get back to work with all the issues..