I’ve Been Thinking

Yea, I’ve been thinking lately about how people in this world are acting. Our future is at stake with all the craziness surrounding our daily lives. It hurts to see people living with so much hatred, so much confusion. The world needs more love and compassion. You don’t need religion or politics in order to have, learn common sense. What bothers me the most is that children are paying the ultimate price for the failure of society. Parents are killing their own children. What a sad world we live in. In fact people believe what they hear in the world of the cyberspace.

You’re skin color, your culture has nothing to do with common sense. We need Peace among all humans. We also need to learn compassion, respect for others. I live with sadness every time I hear bad news that reflects into our communities. let’s find better ways to solve our issues at hand. Let’s bring peace into our hearts.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking

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