Clowns Target Our Children – Wrong Decisions Clowns Are Making

It is very sad to know that copy cats exist in today’s time. Rumors are crossing social networks that clowns have been spotted in Ponce, Puerto Rico, causing problems with children. Scaring people is one thing, attacking, being violent, trespassing is another thing. These people are causing panic in an already out of control community.

All this craziness is also causing more violence to gain more exposure, making everyone turn into a totally unstable Mentally unstable thinking machines. There is no cure for dumbness here at all. Society has gotten out of control, this is the scary part.

If you are one of those Clowns, you need to stop before someone gets killed here. This is not a joke anymore. Children are being targeted by fools behind a mask. Law enforcement needs the communities assistance with this situation before a tragedy occurs.

My word of advice to those Clowns, STOP CLOWNING AROUND ALREADY and LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!!! Think before you act!!