Technology vs Human Intelligence

Technology has changed the way we live today. It has given us the freedom to do so many things. Yet it has created conflicts, more crimes and more isolated humans. Humans are 100% controlled by our current technology that they give it the number one priority within our list of important agendas. Intelligence has been downgraded because of the technology we see today. Our society uses this technology the wrong way. For the most part, everything that has been created has had issues. Nothing is perfect in life.

Every electronic equipment is updated faster than we can actually think. The majority of these equipment only last a few months to a year. Cellphones are made to self destruct with applications that take all your memory and data. So in other words, we are controlled by the advancement of technology. Everyone today is connected to their iPad, iPhones, Cellphones, LapTops, NetBooks, etc. Even our children have been lured to these tech habits.

All this technology has separated all humans from actually interacting with each other face to face. Our present and future depends on this technology, only if we learn how to use it correctly is the day that technology will really make a difference in our daily lives.


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