Are You A Blogger Living In Puerto Rico?

I am interested in connecting with other bloggers in Puerto Rico. If you have a blog here please follow me and I will follow you. There is so much information that needs confirmation in our island and I know that we as bloggers can confirm that information. Our local news outlets are split by Politics here. So there is no right answer to what is going on in our island. It seems that we live in a split island. I am not here to take any sides but do want the best for my people. The community needs real answers here.

I am limited to travel due to my current health status but am willing to bring answers to the table because my concern is “Trust”. It seems that trust has been lost among Puerto Ricans and the rest of the world. It has become very hard to do business here due to the lack of trust. I do not agree with how our island is being run both Government and local communities. Nothing is being accomplished here. It’s time to join forces and bring a voice to our situations here. We need real solutions, no more conflicts of interest.

Let us work together!!


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