Sinusitis vs Hearing Loss

Ever since I left the hospital a year ago, my hearing has come back slowly. It has been a very long battle for me. I can hear great at a short distance but not that great a longer distances. Till this day, im trying to figure out the cause of my sudden hearing issues. My life has been a constant frustration due to the lack of hearing.

The limitations that cause a hearing loss is unbearable. Do I have a blocked sinus? My research continues as I struggle to live every day. Limited indeed. But im never giving up with finding a cure in order to regain 100% of my hearing.

If anyone knows an easy way to clear the sinus without any medication, feel free to comment. I really need help with this situation. I would appreciate it alot. If your a licensed Ear Nose and Throat specialist, please be kind enough to leave a comment.


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