Addiction That Controls Our Daily Lives

Society has a serious issue that never gets mentioned and that is the addiction to Gambling, not drug related but it’s very much an addiction to worry about. These addictions reflect the negative side of our daily lives. I’ve noticed in the past few years the total effect of this addiction. Do these people feel secured in a Casino? They spend their money like if it really grows that fast in the pockets. Our current economic situation has brought our communities into a stand still but yet, money on the local level is being spent on something that does not really provide an umbrella of financial security.

This is a past time to waste funds. Gambling is not only seen in Casinos, it is seen where money is being spent for a gain. In this time of crisis, nobody puts their brain to work. Money is a valuable asset and needs to be taken seriously. In Puerto Rico, money seems to not exist with people, they spend, they complain. There is no actual mental stability with people here. Programing your mind to fit the current situation is critical to achieving a better balance when a situation arises.

Right now we are facing another emergency due to bad weather and those people with a serious mental instability will not be ready to confront such an emergency. I do hope that Puerto Rico wakes up soon from this mental instability. An emergency needs attention and funds to keep it in ready mode. If we can start controlling our minds, our funds more. There will be a better outlook into the future.

Many of these people spend money, yet they do not work. They receive Government funds, food stamps, etc. A sad situation because some people do not realise what is coming tomorrow, so they will not be prepared at all. The day an emergency occurs, they will be the first to complain and throw the book at others for the emergency. They panic for days, even to the point of argument. Right now we are having bad weather in Puerto Rico and the electricity can go out at anytime. Are you a Gambler? Are you prepared for a real emergency?

I do hope that people start waking up and start saving for an emergency. Gambling does not secure your roof or put food on the table. It is only for entertainment purposes ONLY.


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