Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Hating Others 

Sometimes we all fall short of common sense that we tend to overlook over the most simple stuff in life. 

Why? Because we live in an unsecured world. A world that only See’s violence as a resort to all problems. I’ve seen so much news, gathered information over the internet, spoken with people, just to realize that our society is in fact lost in the Abyss of total darkness. 

This Abyss will in fact create total conflicts among those who keep that hatred stored in their system. How do we actually solve our most common issue? Simple my friend. It’s about controlling “You”. 

So im going to show you the top 5 reasons to STOP HATING OTHERS. In fact this will help you a lot. Just follow these 5 reasons and you will start thinking twice, next time you burst into anger with others.

Here are the five top reasons to stop hating others.

  1. Family – Many have close relatives that actually do care. Real friends are more like family as well.
  2. Limited Time On Earth – We live on borrowed time. 
  3. Wife / Husband / Girlfriend – Very special person close to you.
  4. Children – Yes; they mean more if you focus on him/her or both. 
  5. You – You my friend are a very special, unique individual with an excellent potential for a prospective future. 

Next time the thought of hatred starts running through your mind, make sure that you memorize the top 5 Reasons to stop hating others.

Living life with a smile everyday can be reflected to others. So smile often.