Sleep Patterns Overflow

Too much on my mind at this time. Of course we have yet to overcome this state of mind. There is an overflow of information that has me worried right now. It seems that the mini vacation needs an extension in order for my mind to reset. I cannot imagine a total financial disaster in my personal life. 

I’m adjusting everything as time goes by. It seems that we have no real support at times. That we are living in a connected world by internet but nobody actually cares. This is a huge concern. 

Do we keep suffering? 

I don’t think we should suffer anymore. My thoughts and views are covered by sadness at times. Struggling is all part of life. I have goals, dreams but it is not going to progress without the help of others. 

Should I live here on my blog?

Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to keep posting away my thoughts or views. But it stops me because 1. I don’t want to bother everyone too much 2. It’s time consuming.

Well, im going to try and catch up on some sleep. I will be back later on.