Non English Blogs – A True Barrier 

So I’m stuck with followers from other Countries that post in their Native Language. I do not understand one word from their blog, yet they follow me and for sure I’m following them. How do I support these followers? This is a true Barrier indeed. I’m not going to stop following these bloggers just because of the language barrier. It would be awesome if I were able to read these Blogs so that I can like and comment. I’m actually looking forward to connect with fellow bloggers from around the world. It’s interesting to read about what’s really happening across our oceans. 

WordPress needs a translator for us to use. I’m going to try my best by forcing myself to translate, so I can support my fellow bloggers across the oceans. So my friends if you have a non English blog and do follow me, let’s connect and help me to understand your writing. THANKS ALOT MY FRIENDS!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Non English Blogs – A True Barrier 

  1. There is a way to enable translator on your own WordPress blog. I came across it once but I have forgotten where to find it. I’m not much help. The blogs I follow that are not English usually come up with a little global icon on the right hand side that says translate this page. It is a cool and useful feature.

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