Technology vs Employment

The future is here. Everyone is not prepared for what has surfaced. The fact and real reality is that real jobs are being replaced by automated machines. This brings a question as to how and where to find employment after your employer redesigns their business to comfort the ease of its clients. 

Are we facing the end of the human race? I personally do not believe so. But we are losing the face to face interaction with the people who serve us. 

You cannot complain or solve an issue right on the spot with automations. You would have to place a call or sit and wait until a technician arrives. Not quite what we need when we have busy schedules.

Talking about employment, hope is never lost. Because if you have the knowledge to know that Computers are the way of the future, then you need to start learning electronics.. Go to School my friend, learn the trade that is changing our world, right in front of our own eyes. 

Become a Computer Technician. The world will thank you for it!!