I’ve Been Thinking About Adding My Native Language 

It’s been a constant thought that has me wondering alot. But I’m concerned about it as well. You see, I live in Puerto Rico and not many people speak English, my plan was to add a category for my fellow residents who only understand Spanish. Everything here on my blog will stay the same. I’m interested in focusing on my community. So adding my Native Language will bring my neighbors, local community together here on my blog. 

In the new category I will be posting in Spanish. I’m not going to stop posting in English. Basically I’m going to divide my blog from Spanish and English. It will be mixed. I want your advice as to this small change in my blog. Would you, as my English followers be willing to see post in both languages? Meaning, I will be breaking up the post. I’m thinking of dropping three post a day to two a day. But it’s just a thought. Let me know what you think. I’m going to start my plan soon because my local community needs a real voice. So adding a Spanish category will help alot. Feel free to leave me a comment on this change.

Thank You my fellow bloggers and visitors!!


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