Local Businesses Fail The Community

Today I had experienced what I really do not want. I entered a local business, because my neighbor likes to gamble. Upon observation, I noticed that the permission and fire department inspections are out of date. The permissions are written for 10 machines, yet they had 30 in operation. Our local Businesses need to stay up to date with the local laws. Im surprised that the owner never stayed on top of this important matter. On another note, people are spending money in casino and fake casinos. This is something that is not looked into. 

These computer slots are taking the commuties money. They are not made for any type of gain. Where are the real regulations when we are suffering an economic crisis? Where has the common sense gone? Puerto Ricans are asleep when it comes to these important matters. 

I see abuse after abuse with our Government and our people. A decline of social ethics has risen. 


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