Who Is Really Hiring In Puerto Rico?

This is one of the main questions that residents ask all the time here. But are companies really hiring?  It seems that nobody is really hiring in Puerto Rico. With the high cost of living here, jobs are very hard to find. It seems that employers are choosing people that they know, like family, friends. Here is Puerto Rico you need to know people in the inside in order to have a chance of getting hired. Many companies are asking people to fill in more than 100 applications. This is not legit, nor is it fair for anyone seeking a job. I see signs of employment but no real action based on applications. My wife applied 100 times, yet never received a phone call. 

So let’s make it very clear then! These companies are in fact choosing people by who knows who and not by applications. Is this part of discrimination? We need to have these companies exposed because if they are refusing to hire or even look at an applicants form, then they are loosing common sense. On the other hand it is very hard to even step foot into the (I’m my own boss) business. This is because people here live with the (Can you do me a favor) attitude. Doing favors once in awhile is fine but when it consumes 40 hours a week, it becomes a huge burden in the pocket. Favors can cost you $300 negative in one week. This is something that nobody understands here. 

It’s like click and bait. These favors are bought with food or small not needed items. I find it more like modern day slavery. Next time someone ask for a favor, make sure it’s something that will not damage your pocket.