7 Day VLog Challenge 

I’m new to VLogging, so in order for me to get used to taking videos of myself, I’ve decided to do a 7 day VLog Challenge. One of the challenges is VLogging in Public. This challenge will boost my public confidence in taking videos, talking to the camera. It’s not easy because you need to get used to having the camera in front of you and you also need to get used to talking to the camera. In public their are and will be people who look at you like your crazy. Many issues will also rise with privacy, in most cases you are not allowed to record at all. So this falls into the category of common sense. 

Right now I’m working on my introduction video. This has been a challenge in itself because I do not have top of the line editing program, I’m using Movie Maker with Windows 7. Yes; I know I need an update but my living condition at this time does not allow me to do that. I’m limited with what little money comes in. The only thing I ask of everyone is simple. SUBSCRIBE to my channel (imcs4you) also known as Jose Rubio VLog. 

Please help me out by Subscribing. I will be giving an update when I will be uploading my first VLog once I reach 100 Subscribers. Remember I will be uploading the 7 Day VLog Challenge. Once again, thanks for stopping by and supporting my blog.


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