Our Health At Risk – Chemicals Used Wihout Concern For Publics Health

I am very concerned about my very own health and of the community at hand due to this Zika Virus. What is not registering in my mind is the fact that this virus is being transferred via Mosquitos, now it is being transferred via sexual contact. Nothing about these viruses is legit in my own opinion because people do not or have not studied the mosquito population before making any decisions. Puerto Rico is an island with enough humidity that is heats up furniture in the house.

According to the local CDC, they want men to use condoms or not have sex. This Virus can last a few weeks in adults. So why do they want to fumigate with poisonous chemicals? It seems that Puerto Rico needs funding for something but it is not really a huge health concern. In my own opinion this Zika Virus comes from another source and it does not come from the mosquito.  Here is the link to the CDC – Zika Virus.

We live in a world where people jump to conclusions without investigating, doing some research. Right now Puerto Rico cannot afford any chemical fumigation due to the negative cost of our local health services. We have very limited health care providers that it is a real problem with any medical concern. These decisions to fumigate in our waters, food and homes is a very bad idea. Nobody is concerned about the health of the people here. Puerto Rico needs to investigate where these viruses really come from before making any decisions that can put the public at a greater risk.

I am Puerto Rican, living in a Country where bad decisions and greed come to play. Very sad for our people. We are in need of better medical services here and better management on behalf of all the citizens.