Why Do People Lie So Much?

I have been around people for so long that I’ve come to notice everything they do. When it comes to people close to you, it seems that everything is out-of-place. People are constantly lying about everything they do. But why do they lie so much? I am very annoyed right now with certain people in my circle, the toughest part is that these people are good people, they have been there for me and my wife in good, bad times. So why am I feeling annoyed? Because I have found evidence that they are holding too many secrets, yet they have admitted that they are investigating me. I know this is odd because we have been neighbors for two years already, we do everything together.

People are odd because they hide their past like if something bad would occur. These people who I have become friends with have something to hide. They say they are broke but spend money like if they were rich. Not only is this bad but they receive food benefits from the Government, while they spend money on Cruises, Casinos, shopping. It does hurt to see people living in a very dark environment. Oh; they also attend Church, play the lotto. So I am sure to hit rock bottom because of this post. Friendship is supposed to be secure, honest, direct, compassionate. I am lost right now with words because I do not want to lose this bond between us. Anyway; I live my life doing what I like to do. I am me, unique, direct and honest. This is my “Daily Thought About Life” Living happy, positive and full of energy despite the odds of negative, weird people surrounding me everyday.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive