Fear Among Us – A Real Mental Illness

Society is out of control. Yet, nobody seems to find the cause for these real problems. Did you know that the real problem with the gun situation is our own Governments fault? Our Constitution states it clear in the 2nd Amendment.

Amendment II

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Our main problem is clearly stated in our Second Amendment.

  • A well-regulated militia ( Being Necessary to the security of a free state)
  • The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

If Congress and all of our politicians do not see this clearly, then we have a huge problem facing the management of our Country and its people. Our laws indicate that people can form militia groups with the authority to bear arms. This is clearly a bad decision because hate crime is high, murder is high. Racism is also on the rise. FEAR is causing people to form militias, bear arms. Yet; our very own Government does not see the problem because they are all focused on (Number of Votes for the next Elections and their personal Agenda).

If the Government gets rid of the Second Amendment in its entire written form and re-wrote it to make it illegal to set up a militia, bear arms, we would see a drop in hate crimes and crime in general. The National Rifle Association was a total failure within our society, which at this time is out of control. Fear Among Us – A Real Mental Illness is a real problem when mixed with guns and militia groups full of hate towards other races. It is obvious that nobody knows how to control this mess and bring civil union to our communities. One factor is simple as well, shut down the (NRA) National Rifle Association. A bullet sheds all types of blood. Lets do something right for a change and start managing our situation the proper way, stop the Political disputes and get to work with our social issues in hand.

All of these issues fall in the Mental Health category, because everyone who bears arms are causing major problems with homicides and suicides. Militia groups are controlled by Mentally challenged people, so this mix needs to be stopped by law.