Mental Illness – A Serious Weapon Against Society

Has anyone noticed that all of the crimes committed has been by someone who is on a negative Mental Capacity?

Mental Illness is really an issue to the current situation. Yet; everyone is blaming guns. I will tell you this, Guns and Mental Illness do not mix at all. It is sad that our society has focused on the wrong issues at hand but cannot focus on the real issue which is Mental Health. Not one single person has the following:


What is missing from our society? Lets think and focus on these BIG FIVE PERSONALITY Traits! Society needs to focus more because guns are being used because of lack of these traits. It is very important that our Governments main concern should be Mental Health. Our society has gotten out of hand and we need to stop and help these people or at least keep them away from the internet and keep them away from getting their hands on weapons.

Mental Health Awareness starts at home, with family, friends, neighbors. If you know someone who is acting weird, try to help them out and avoid any problems in the future. This is a huge concern because of our safety and the safety of our loved ones are at stake. Mental Health is a serious issue that is not being fixed. Let us begin the therapy at home!


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