Working Hard – Despite Our Crisis In Puerto Rico

I have been working hard, trying to catch up on all of my projects. Nothing is easy but I need to get it done. Staying positive even with all this crazy negative news that has been circulating around about Puerto Rico. We cannot strive and compete with everyone but we can eventually get our hands on our main goals. I am almost 100% ready to get back on track since I’ve put everything on hold. Trust me, this was a really odd decision on my behalf because of the crisis. One thing that has me a bit concerned is the news about how poor our Country is, despite the situation. I do not see people suffering from these crisis. I will be uploading photos to show proof that there is no poverty here.

Not many people here have the energy to keep going. Too many things are occurring here, the economy, our health status. Nothing shall stop us from performing our duties. I know that my blog updates are not frequent, that is because I’ve been busy updating my personal health and all business projects. Making adjustments to everything here. I will be updating soon. I do appreciate it that everyone is following me. One thing that worries me is the fact that people are holding money and spending it on stuff that is not necessary. Then they complain that there is no money at all. This puts Puerto Rico in a bad position to the rest of the world. I will be updating soon on the real situation facing Puerto Rico. The truth needs to be told, even if nobody believes me. But a photo tells the whole story. Anyway, I am headed back to the real world so that I can get things done.