Management Consulting – Back In Service

Its been a long battle since the current crisis in Puerto Rico began. I’ve had to make so many decisions with my business projects in order to save them. Lucky for me they are only start-ups. This does create a better vision into the future. The crisis led me to close my projects until things eased up here. I have decided to reopen one of my main projects, which is ‘Management Consulting”. This company was created to manage contracts, help maintain and open businesses. I have accomplished a lot since 2011. I know it has been a long time but this crisis is not so easy to manage, especially with negative people around.

Now that Puerto Rico is under control, it is time to get back to work. Blogging was my gateway to breathe and think. I will be re-doing my blog around the same theme but with a better focus on local businesses. “Management Consulting” is back in business.

Above you will see a Business page, there is another sub page with my services and all related fee. So if you live in Puerto Rico, do not forget to follow me for updates. Remember that I am going to be focusing on business here. A change needs to be done in order to progress in all of our missions and goals. Let us work together in order to change our future.


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