False Rumors Always Cause Caos

The internet is a tool for educational purposes, to meet new people, share information. But our societies lack of mental stability has turned the internet into a crime zone, where you find all kinds of negative information. Those people with the mental stability under -0 use the internet to do harm. The major issue here is that everyone believes these rumors. I for one never take into account what other sources post over the internet, especially from unknown sources. I rather confirm with those legit sources before I comment or share anything at all. This society has gotten out of hand. We need to be more aware of things that are going on because it will drive us nuts.

I assure you that if we all stop for one moment to proof read everything and reconfirmed what we have read, you will find the real truth behind the post. Right now there is a rumor that Facebook will be charging $9.99 per month or they will make all of your information public. It seems that this is a rumor because Mark Zuckerberg has not mentioned anything about this at all. Neither has it been on the news. I urge my readers, followers to read everything and always question the post. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THAT IS BEING SPREAD OVER OUR SOCIAL MEDIA!



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